29 May 2008

Selfies Delight

I consider myself lucky living 4 minutes away from Selfies. Not only do I crave their Salt Beef a few times a month, I also adore their window displays. I really wish more stores would be inspired by Selfridge's determination and creativity to wow passers by with their window display because as soon as you cross the street to French Connection or Gap you get deflated over their display dullness. I'm sure when Selfridge's put this display together the days of London were bright and sunny and the mood probably suited these wacky men and their playing machines better, but it sure as hell puts a smile on my face on a rainy day as well!

A little cheer from Red Riding Hood

I haaate that I haven't blogged in a while! I'm not usually the one to point fingers but I am blaming the fact that 1-My apartment was in a horrid mess since handing in my work which made me not want to hang around my place much. Thankfully it has been put in order yesterday so life can resume as normal. 2-In a hurry to get back to my waiting cab I accidentally shut my brand new laptop and shoved it in my tote to later discover I left a pen inside. So yeah you guessed it, broken screen. One round trip to Tottenham Court Road later I managed to find a dodgy looking techy store that will fix it for 150 pounds!

What a great way to start the summer. So meanwhile until I sort that out, blogging posts will be executed via random friends laptops and computers/internet cafe's/ and hopefully via my mobile phone. Am still trying to figure that one out. In the past week I have ranked a massive amount of blogging material onto my laptop that I cannot tap into so in my foul mood I walked past this intriguing costume by an MA costume designer featured in the XHBIT 08 at my uni's main building. The costume was inspired by Red Riding Hood. Clare Amos designed her 'Red Riding Hood' costume for an experimental costume led performance called 'Into the Woods'. The two-part costume depicts Red's journey from the innocent young girl entering the woods to the creature she becomes after escaping from the wolf. I loved the detailing on the back of the costume as well as the powerful images that accompanied the costume.

In its eleventh year, XHIBIT is a unique annual exhibition featuring artists in perhaps their most experimental and confrontational creative phase. The selection for XHIBIT 08 brings together sound design, film, ceramics, photography, drawing, illustration, product and graphic design, painting, sculpture, animation, and costume design. If you decide to pop in make sure you also pick up a free copy of the University of the Arts Student Union Glossy Magazine (wowa big title) Less Common More Sense. Or download it for free. Its a great magazine showcasing edgy articles and shoots on travel, art, designers, and fashion.