16 April 2011

Simple Times

There was a point in my life when things were somewhat simpler. In more ways than the other, I remember when I first started this blog and my biggest issue was which sector of the fashion industry I wanted to work with. Now I am overwhelmed with work, feels like I have taken on more work that I can handle. And the smallest task puts me a strain on me. Recently the biggest project of my career's deadline has changed, has to be ready in 2 months and along with it came a string of press events, a press launch, and an indepth interview with mbc 1. Yeah you heard me... MBC1! It was a dream come true, very exciting! Despite for the fact that Ghaswan the TV producer gave me an earful on why I should develop my Arabic and learn to speak it fluently.

Anyways blah blah, I can't sit still even though it's a weekend... I have work to do, gotta run to the museum, have a 'meeting' I cannot get out of, and see a friend before she bounces off to dubai!I just wanted to be a lame cliche and reminisce over Sex and City times, back in uni, when all I hated was uni, and all I really wanted was to make it big in the real world. I don't want to go back for long, just to Baker street, having a turkey bagel, (back space)...

12 April 2011

Co-Eds Feature is Out Now

Yours truly has been featured in a 6 page spread including the cover of March's Issue of Co-Eds. If you have been following my blog you will know that I have 1. Never made it to a magazine cover. 2. I love getting local recognition, there is no better feeling.

This is by far the most in depth interview I have conducted, it covered all aspects of my work and my business but it also mentioned my personal activities, especially my relationship with footie. The editor Yasmine was very well informed about my extracurricular activities and quizzed me about Arsenal and the all girls tournaments I plan during the week. I have to admit it was refreshing getting asked non-sketchbook related questions!

I will copy paste the interview below when I get a hold of the JPGS-until then I hope you all grab a copy and leave your comments!