23 March 2009

Style Bazaar Feature

Being a fashion journalist (or attempting to be) has such a funny side to it that people can't see unless they try it out for themselves. There are times when I slave away, grumpy for not being able to enjoy the London sunshine like everyone else because I'm on deadline. I call this period the "slow period" because everything stands still and all I seem to be doing is writing and snacking on caramel cookies for days. Then when everything is all done and sent, I go through a "quite period" of la de da.. sort of like the time when your done with exams and your confused because you got used to the cramming. Then what seems like weeks later - the features start getting published, like surprises. And its all jolly when that happens, till your given your next assignment. This feature for Style Bazaar's Launch Issue which was done months ago, which seems like a lifetime ago now. This is my first feature. Before this I wrote my mini reviews and write ups for other sites but nothing like this bad-boy five page spread.

When I was asked to pitch ideas to the features editor my heart skipped a beat and ran with my secret fantasy to interview my blog idols. So I pitched the idea, and like a genie had granted me my wish, I was granted a delecious oppurtunity to spend a lil time with Susie, Yvan, Diane, and Scott. So here's me interviewing A-list celebs in blogland. I'm now uber excited to meet with Tallulah the editor on Thursday to discuss potentially styling shoots for thier next issue so more on Style Bazaar soon!

22 March 2009

London Fashion Week Day 2

Day 2 of LFW seems a long time ago now, I remember quirky bits of it. Like the everything-is- opposite-theme at Romeo Pires (the unwalkable shoes that caused a model to gash a hole in the runway). I recall the vibrant colours at the Basso and Brooke show, and the emotional soundtrack they had on. And how could I forget Qasimi show, a glamorous show if I ever saw one, with goody bags for all the attendees and all the top models walking out to Fairooz. Seeing Diane Pernet for the first time up close was also a dream. I will be linking my write ups for Highlife Dubai on LFW pretty soon so you will be able to see reviews of the show.

Romeo Pires

Partners in crime: Zeljan and Kristen
I love Katja!

I freaked out when I saw Diane Pernet!

LFW Exhibition

The designer, John Rocha

Lily Cole

Part of the design duo- Khalid Qasimi
With Lily
Armand Basi