11 April 2009

Out N About in Bricka - Full circle post

Its been 5 years since I moved to L-town to study. 5 years since my foundation year at Chelsea. 5 years since I moved into Aldgate East dorms (where I made most of my uni friends for the next 5 years) and here I am again coming back full circle, heading out to Brick Lane a couple times a week to explore new vintage stores, eat fresh bagels, and hunt for bargain deals. A year ago when I started this blog I wrote a post about the East End and all my favorite black book addresses like the Story Deli so to in order to really come full circle I am introducing you to new address in my lil black book for you to enjoy/bookmark/and visit.

1st stop- Rough Trade
Description: Pilgrimige point for music and fanzines

2nd stop: Story Deli
Description: Blow torch Organic Pizza eaten in family style family table
3rd stop: Luna and Curious
Description: Mixing ceramics crockery and exquisite objects and clothing

4th stop: Darimeya
Description: Short and sweet ruffle dresses

Brick Lane Coffee
Description: Food and drink@ 157 Brick Lane

Famous 24 Hour Bagel Bakery

Speedies Antique and Thrift Store
Description: Have you seen the movie Blast from the Past? This is the store version

Maverick Showroom
Decription: 2nd solo exhibit of Goldie's "The Kids Are All Riot"

Boundary Resteraunts, Rooms, and Rooftop
Description: Terence Conran's new business venture in Shoreditch