05 June 2010

Digi Cam Running

When I went back home to Bahrain in December I got so bored and frustrated after only 3 weeks of being in the same place I round tripped to Qatar, Dubai, and Oman in 5 days. Oman was my fave city. I stayed at the Shangri La hotel and went for a run on the beach every morning. It was beautiful. Whenever I feel like my life is wonky or if work stress gets to me, a good run really gives me a back some control. These are some snaps I took with my digi camera. Not really the best of quality but they did the job.

Rackn Em Up

Producing a weekly online issue of Dia Magazine has been such a challenging project. I manage more than 10 writers and carefully choose images to go along with our mix of stories on designers and artists in the Middle East. These are my some of my favorite issues! We are now on our 12th issue and they just keep getting better. Check out Issue 12 here.