14 August 2009

Post Liberty News

This is terrible of me I know, but I have been feeling blog guilty since my last post which was almost a few weeks ago. I blame my family for visiting and many passers by who made London their prime destination before heading back home to prepare for a months worth of fasting. In the last month or so I seemed to have re-discovered every nook and corner of this city with my little brother, embracing the sunshine and cool breeze to have icy drinks on the river or tan in the park. Another light yet fruitful event that I attended a week ago that befitted the summer mood was the Liberty print exhbition opening. On the Carnaby street exit of the Liberty store an airy extension store has opened its doors to its visitors. You won't be able to miss it naturally as the store has been clad in classic liberty print, probably straight from their archives. You also do not want to miss the Print Charming exhibit on the 4th floor if you around the area.

They said to wear your finest print!

Perfect Liberty Treehouse

Love love love liberty fabric swatches on wall - I am designing one just like it for my living room apartment

09 August 2009

Photographers Gallery Move

I had to find out the hard way that The Photographer's Gallery has moved quarters from the teeny space they had at Piccadilly Circus to a huge NY looking block behind what-used-to-be Borders at Oxford Circus. I had to take the long humid tube trip to their old branch to find out they had moved, but it was well worth visiting at the end. The new space is far bigger with a glorious shop and cafe on the 2nd floor. Call me crazy but I went to the Gallery to check out the much fussed about When You're a Boy Exhibition: Men's Fashion Styled By Simon Foxton but found myself more intrigued by 1- the cool cameras you can buy at the shop 2- Andre Kertesz's collection of photographs titled Reading.

Being a big reader and obsessed notebook collector myself I could relate to the excitement the photographs contained of people cracking books, reading the first lines on the pages and getting lost into the world. Over the course of his career Hungarian born Kertesz captured readers from different locations in the act of reading. I wasn't able to take photos of the exhibit but I will def post about it soon. Until then I reveal to you the new gallery space, and the work of Simon Foxton.

Section of the gallery painted unto the wall
Bookshop for fascinated photographers

Simon's sketchbooks

Bang Bang!

The Bang Bang vintage store has been on my list of must-visit stores for the last 3 years!! Shame on me for choosing to browse books in Paperchase than to cross the street and check out this famous lil vintage box. This time around I found myself on Goodge street with my brother stuffed with pad Thai and calamari from Busaba, I decided to ditch Paperchase for Bang Bang and I have to confess I was a tad disappointed. I'm not sure if the recession hit this store badly but the racks were empty and it just seemed like a lonely Oxfam selling clothes for charity. It did have a cosy feel to it though, with smiling helpful staff I was able to find a See by Chloe over sized jersey shirt with flowers for pockets and wooden clutches. Next time I shall stick with the 'chase.