03 May 2008

Chanel-o ankle accesory!

I spy with my little eye something that looks lip-smackingly yummy. Just when we thought Chanel bags couldn’t get yummier they create a teeny tiny one that can be strapped to your ankle.

Street Style Hunt Location : The Lane

East End Treasures

Its Friday afternoon, what is a girl in a big city to do but engage in a little shopping to ease away the stress of deadlines and project hand ins? First stop, Brick Lane and Spitafields, the land of bargains and vintage! So I put on my tye-dye black and red Topshop bargain dress with black tights topped it off with my fast becoming favorite clothing piece this season, the black tuxedo blazer and headed to the East End brink.
First stop, Story Deli Pizza for some much craved for organic crispy pizza with goat cheese and pumpkin. After doing the daily rounds at Public Beware Co. , I found some amazing flowered summer dresses and an amazing white puffed sleeve short dress but nothing really took my breath away.

I stumbled into The Laden Showroom, a showroom that sells fashions from independent designers. A selection of these designs can now be bought exclusively at asos.com. A couple of designer caught my eye. Charles of London had fantastic rock collaged shirts that glistened and glittered, my favorite was a silver sequined top with a woman holding a microphone and wearing a rattled jeans jacket. It was covered in 3D looking collaged neon colors shaped like confetti and screamed perfection for upcoming boutique festival.

Love our stuff has some cleverly designed grey and red tops that looked like much simpler versions of Balenciaga’s S/S 08 collection. I snapped some funky and funny t-shirts from Chi * Chi and vowed to come back for more.

But the real bargain was a beautiful printed vintage dress I found hidden in the racks and racks of long dresses and short leather vests in Rokit for a mere 15 pounds. Pairing it up with my new bought gladiator sandals and not-so-Chanelo sunglasses for a picnic in Hyde Park on a sunny day is surely something to look forward to.

No vintage shopping spree would be complete without popping into Absolutely Vintage. Normally I would skip it as I usually visit the lane on a Sunday and its way to crowded for my liking but seeing as its cool Friday I decided to snap two pairs of shoes and a much needed arms length, humongous, leather black clutch that turns a deep brown in the sun. After clocking in 6 hours of hard core rummaging I am now definitely revitalized for a weekend of studying, except for the Bank Holiday of course.

You can now also have beautiful vintage pieces delivered to your door, as both Absolutely Vintage and Rokit have stores online.

30 April 2008

Tea with Samantha Who

The perfect metaphor for stability in my life is my cup of tea and bagel every morning. I take my tea, PG tips –style with four brown sugars ( I couldn’t taste the sugar with just three) and my bagel slightly on the burnt side with cream cheese and a dose of crushed black pepper.

I guess stability to me is not waking up at noon like I usually do, and sleeping late depending on how many more episodes of Gossip Girl I can manage to watch before my eyelids fall heavy.

Is stability necessary, I don’t know? I definitely seem to lack it in my life. As a Muslim you should pray five times a day, is that a metaphor for the need of stability in ones life? Stability to me is the taking 22 minutes to choose my outfit (even if it’s for a trip to Tesco’s), and logging on to my 3 favorites fashion websites a day. Stability is watching my favorite TV shows as soon as they come out. Right now they are lost (I need to know what the hell that black smoke is),Samantha who ( love love love the clothes Jennifer Esposito and Christina Applegate wear, the fashion stylist on that show deserves a medal), the Hills ( excuse me for loving scripted American reality TV shows), 30 rock, and my latest favorite Gossip Girl ( I saw 15 episodes in 4 days). I guess stability no, obsession yes!

Here’s to me. Cheers.

Is it sad that the one thing I look forward to in a day is surfing my favorite fashion websites online? Is it sad that I can go hours and hours from one to another, with my heart racing? Is sad that the latest Marchesa gowns leave me short out of breathe?

Me no thinks so, my mother told me the other day, The Future is Beautiful. And it got me thinking. Here I am in one of the most fabulous cities in the world, a true fashion capital, and I’m just about done with my god forsaken course work. I’m at a crossroads; I’m having one of these life changing decision moments, where one change can alter the rest of my life. It feels exhilarating and terrifying to not where I’m going in be in the next few months. It feels weird not planning my next step, and it feels even weirder than I’m not panicking about it.

A lot of thinking has been done, deep inside the realms of my head, about why I’m beginning to write this blog, and it makes sense to me. I’m here, right now, and I want to know more. More about myself, more about what I can do, and more on where i’m going. So this is me, it’s the styles I admire on the street, it’s the princess Diana canvas board I want to blow up on canvas to hang on my bedroom wall, its street snaps of people looking effortlessly chic without even trying. But the most exciting of all, is all my life I have been inspired by others, and now I want to be inspired by all things me. Not to sound ego-istic at all but this blog shall be a journey. I am now commencing on the first day of my life. And it’s going to be exciting and fun and delicious! So this is for me! Cheers.