11 February 2009

One big step for me, one Huge Heart from Whistles

Today I attempted to take my first hard steps from girl walking about London with curiosity in ballet flats to girl armed with laptop and camera interviewing my favorite designers in London in high high heels. As much as I wear them back home in Bahrain (very little walking permitted) I don't wear them at all here unless its for a shmancy event where I feel obliged to. But today after lunching with Steff (Kathy Phillips Assistant+super cool person) I tested out one of my heels around the city. And it wasn't so bad, I event got a proud nod from the sales assistants when I walked proudly into Browns. Okay maybe she was just trying to be friendly but still, I feel today was a major step for me! Anywho I am now off to LCF to catch the next chapter of their Fashion on the Internet series. But until then here's a glimpse of Whistles funksy display window off Oxford Street.

10 February 2009

A Primish Update

So if you haven't heard the news Prim Magazine is making the transition from online magazine to print. This is ever so exciting as I am developing a great fondness and friendship with Kristen who is editor of the magazine. It has always been a fantasy of mine to create and develop my own very own publication and watching her put issue after issue together, each one getting edgier and cooler with time really makes me feel like its not impossible. As I read her last issue I was very much aware of how much Kristen and Prim have grown together, it is becoming quite clear that they shift together and reflect each others style. Prim is very much an extension of who Kristen is and its exciting to grasp her style and growth in the pages of her magazine.

So an update of her records were deemed necessary as her learning process and shift to print should be documented and shared with the rest of the world. You can now make your orders of Prim Magazine here, but also feel free to flick through the new issue which is out now.

Fashion Ambition: How have you found the transition from online magazine to print magazine?
Kristen/Prim Mag: Surprisingly, it hasn't been very hard. There's just that one extra step of sending it to the publisher. Sometimes that can be an annoyance, but its well worth it.
FA: Does Prim want to continue being mostly based as an online magazine or do you have plans to have ideally to have it ideally in print?
Kristen: That's a very hard question. I do have plans of shifting completely to print, but then I do want to be environmentally friendly. I think at some point I would like to shift it almost completely do print, but keep it online as a Nxtbook or something along those lines.

FA: Were you able to find support or financing for your magazine or is this a business start- up?
Kristen: No, not at all. All of this is basically out of pocket, or parts of what the company itself has grossed over the past 10 months.

FA: Prim is constantly growing as brand and as a publication and as a publication where do you see it in 5 years time?
Kristen: I couldn't answer that question if you paid me. When we first started out, it was basically a DIY mag filled with, dare I say, subpar graphics. Then we began to move toward chicer fashion, but the graphics weren't there. then we came to the last issue where we really peaked to the publication I wanted. But I do have to say, for the upcoming issue, we went able and beyond . The magazine has truly exceed my expectation full stop.
I think my personal style has a lot to do with the magazine itself as well. when I first began Prim I thought I was very into the whole DIY jewelry and cute flats bit. Then, I moved onto vintage. Now I am at a point where I barely look at anything for inspiration; its all in my mind. I only walk in 3"heels or higher(except when it snows) and my closet is a sea of black, white, and grey articles of clothing with little splashes of colour here and there. If I do say myself, I think I have a cutting edge style, and feel (especially in the next issue) this has directly impacted the magazine. I would say the magazine will go where my sense of fashion goes, but I truly feel I have found my signature style, although I couldn't describe it myself. If I HAD to describe it directly, I would say it's a crossbreed of Karl Lagerfeld, Mary-Kate Olsen, and myself. But I know that description was a complete a failure so I'll take one from a higher authority, French Glamour, and listen to what they have to say: "...a real creature which looks escaped from the 80s New York, fan of Balenciaga boots, vintage and leather." There you go.

FA: As the Fashion Weeks are approaching what are you looking foward to the most?
Kristen: Oh, tons! From NY Fashion Week I cannot wait to see Anna Sui, Zac Posen, Ports 1961, Christian Siriano, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Tibi, Max Azria, Diesel Black Gold, Miss Sixty, Y-3, Diane Von Furstenburg, among many others.

FA: On your shopping list at the moment ..
Kristen: TONS of items from Rock & Republic, specifically these http://i41.tinypic.com/11qqvxh.jpg . How amazing are they ? R & R isn't making my credit card very happy at the moment. I also want my Balenciaga Giant City and new Louboutin pumps. But, I still love to shop at H&M and American Apparel. True fashion is being able to mix high end couture pieces with tops you buy from the 99 cent store and make it look fabulous. Money can buy fashion, but it can never buy you style.

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