07 February 2009

Indian Highway

It must have been the affect of Slumdog Millionaire but me and one of my bestest friends Kajal went trekking into the heart of Hyde Park to catch the Indian Highway exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery. This group exhibition portrayed a snapshot of a young and bright generation of artists working across a range of media to present art being made in the country today.

Out of all the projects there was one that stuck out in my mind, by the artist Sheela Gowda who re-created an Indian sky which we witnessed by crawling inside an installation made out of found object tin barrel. Maybe it took me that much closer to Dev Patel.

Glam it UP - The feature

My relationship with one of my fave online mags Borderline has bloomed. Its not enough that I check out their site every SINGLE DAY but I have written a feature on one of the coolest photographers at the moment - Katja, the Glam Canyon superstar. The feature is now up and running on their homepage, to give it a read here and leave your feebdback on the site or on my blog. I hope I did meeting Katja and her lovely friends justice because the concept of Glam Canyon was a truly refreshing. Am looking forward to the next Glam Canyon event coming up super soon! Below are some more of Katja's photographs that didn't make it in the aricle. Enjoy! You can see more on Katja on her website, on her blog, on her portrait blog, and on VICE mag.

Photographs courtesy of Katja Hentschel

02 February 2009

Travel Diaries: Covent Garden

Breakers in Patisserie Valerie
Candy store

Bead Shop

Mint - Vintage Clothing

The Dover Book Shop

Mymagma store- made out of cardboard

01 February 2009

Inside the Studio - Giles Deacon and BOF

I was invited to go review an exciting event on Thursday. The Business of Fashion launched the beginning of a new series titled "Inside the Studio" which will feature in depth interviews with fashion creatives such as renowned fashion designer Giles Deacon. Supported by Swarovski and held in their new sparkly quarters off Oxford street I had the luxury of sipping ice cool beverages by waiters clad in white as I attended the private screening and cocktail party of Giles Deacon's Inside the Studio which was done in parts and will be released in parts. I don't want to reveal too much as I am covering this event for T5M.com and am excited about supplying them with all the goodies. But I will say that Chapter 1 - Foundation "Unstructured Exploration..." will be out on the BOF website on the 3rd of Feb, Chapter 2 - Creative Process "A Designer Who Has Always Drawn..." will be out Feb 9th, and the final chapter Business "The surprise of Collaboration" will be out on the 16th of Feb. I will be linking my feature for this event with T5M so watch this space! Until then here are some pics of the event! The business of fashion website will launch this interview online sometime next week. I will be posting news here.

The Logo of the event was specifically by Giles for the release of the series
New Sparkly Swarovski Quarters

Giles Chatting Away

The Business of Fashion Team - Khaleed Juma who is Managing Director and Imran Amed Founder and Editor of the Business of Fashion

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