19 December 2008

Touch Screen Shoes

It seems every piece of technology is succumbing to the touch screen effect. The iphone, the new blackberry, the teeny tiny TV's on British Airway planes. Once you go touch- you can't go back I tell you. We are definitely a generation of the future. What I didn't expect to turn touch screen were sneaker shoes. Not just any sneakers of course but good old Nike ( I am pronouncing it Nike not Nikey) to touch screen you own design onto your sneakers.

Days before heading back home to Bahrain I went about trying to spend every last penny on a new wardrobe for when I come back home - silly habit I know. And after frequenting a sample sale at the Hospital Club and buying a ballerina inspired black dress at Rokit I walked across the Nike store in Covent Garden in a hurry to meet my friends at The Apollo Theater. ( We are rushing to see Josh Hartnet playing Tom Cruise for the theater adaptation of Rainman). And in my hurry , there was rain, shopping bags, and uncomfortable boots involved, I actually stopped to watch some people touch screening a colorful wheel outside the store window.

02 December 2008

Anybody wants to work it ?

I must be crazy for still not attending any WORK IT events. Created by my ex-colleague during my mydeco.com days, Loren Platt and two of her graphic designer chums have gotten together to brain child their hip hop 1993 cult event which takes place in East London! I hate to admit that I get the invite in my facebook invite every few weeks and something always comes up. Poo! I am need of an article topic for Attitude magazine that involves London and its trendy club scene so I might just be able to make it for this Saturday! Kill two birds with one stone anyone? Until I report the club scene I shall listen to Toni Braxton and rummage through their facebook pics in haste.

29 November 2008

Marko Matysik's Fashion Illustration Exhibit

It finally came and went! Many weeks of planning Marko Matysik's Solo Fashion Illustration Opening came to fruition with a turnout of his close friends and members of the fashion circuit. I was lucky enough to be apart of the process of contributing the the success of the opening and did my duty of PA as guest list admin along with my galleria buddy Nina for the night. We spent the whole night in fistfulls of giggles and plenty of shifts to the bar for yummy fruity drinks!

Marko's paintings were prompted on beautiful rugs loaned to us that served as a beautiful framed background. There were also strict teacher-looking models dressed in Boudicca wearing Paul Smith frames, and Rupert Sanderson shoes, flipping through some of his collaged sketchbooks. His sketchbooks are beautiful, thick, and covered with backstage access to all the ready to wear shows from every fashion week. Marko takes great pride in his books, producing as many as 10 for each fashion week. Times that by 4 and you got a whole lot of sketchbook. Some inetrtesing guests at the opening was Ekow Eshun (Director ICA), Percy Parker (Designer PPQ), John and Monique Davidson (J&M Davidson), Tim Blanks (Vogue), and Clare Coulson (Harper's Bazaar). I also managed to see some of my chums, Steff from Vogue, Anya from Tatler, and my lovely Sharmon who is a personal shopper at Selfridge's. All in all it was an intimate gathering and a celebration of Marko's work. To finish off the night I was thankful to have my loverly friends whisk me off to a much needed bite to eat after the show at Tartine. Be sure to snag the latest copy of the Evening Standard Mag as well as Vogue China/Taiwan to glimpse coverage of the event.

Glimpses of Westfield Center

22 November 2008

Life Sized Dolls for Christmas

London is preparing for Christmas and stores like Joseph are pulling out all the stops. Check out their new window display. Life sized dolls in boxes from Lanvin, Chloe, Givenchy, and Balmain.

09 November 2008


Thought I would share what outfits I snapped up at Spitalfield market last weekend. Sweaters were a tenner a piece, and the sparkly top which shall make its debut at Marko Matysik's Solo Art Exhibit Launch Party was a mere 18 pounds! What a good day that was.

Cool Nick Veasy

Nick Veasey uses x-ray technology to create mesmerizing and intriguing art.
In a world obsessed with superficial appearance it is a refreshing change to be able to look beyond the surface. Beauty, after all, comes from within.

08 November 2008

The last in line to the East End Thrift Store

I must be the last blogger in London to delve into the East End Thrift Store in Assembly Passage in Whitechapel. After reading about it from Susie Bubble and That is Just Not My Vibe ages and ages ago I finally made the time, on a typical wet and grey Saturday afternoon, to treck back to the East End for a look-see myself. And I must say the hype must have gotten to me because I was expecting it to be bigger and more larger than life then what it really was. Still the customer service was marvelous, and the sweaters and coats was their biggest asset. They must stock up on more handbags and shoes! But all in all I walked out a mens suit jacket tailored to my figure for a tenner, and a black glitzy top for a tenner as well! Not bad I must say, but Spitalfields market still holds they key to my cash in terms of great gear for great price!