25 December 2010

My new home

Some great photos of our new stunning offices in the Bahrain Financial Harbour. We are very lucky to move into the H3Sixty space for our first office. It will be almost two months now since we moved in and it has been such a great experience so far. I love having breakfasts in the kitchen, and using all our conference spaces for our meetings. I am really looking forward to introduce the new H3sixty project which will be held in our office lounge, along with a new entrepreneurship program for budding businessmen. Watch this space folks!

The conference room, chillout areas

The reception area and golf putt

The lounge area

The kitchen

My TV first

I finally have a few hours set aside to catch up with my blogging. My life has seemed to take off in such a rapid rate since I made the move back home. One of the most exciting developments of my career was to appear on live television for the very first time. Even though Hala Bahrain is a local morning show, it was still an incredible experience to be able to discuss my work and recent project developments on a live show for the very first time. I had to be on set at about 8 am where I got makeup and hair done. I was terrified and really nervous, it was insane. Everyone was a little worried including Duaa my PR director who was running around getting me water and trying to find me biscuits to calm me down. I had written all my potential answers in Arabic the night before and practiced all night with my mom and after that by myself in front of the mirror.

But as soon as they were ready for slot, I walked into the studio away from the chaos of hair and makeup into the complete silence of the studio. It was fantastic. Once on the large couch I relaxed and just tried to have a conversation with Noor , the presenter. My Arabic was not as good as I hoped, but I remember feeling so great afterwards and scheming how to get on TV again. I really want to thank everyone who saw the show from Kuwait, Saudi, Oman, and all my Bahraini buddies who showed support by texting/facebooking/emailing.

More to come on Obai and Hill projects!