28 April 2009

Behind the Scenes - Style Bazaar Beauty Shoot

Style Bazaar is up and running. This great online boutique and magazine has a special place in my heart because I am good friends with the editor and founder Tallulah Doherty and I think she did one hell of a job in launching this concept store from A to Z. A while back one of my first pieces as a fashion journalist was written for Style Bazaar's online glossy and now I have accepted the position of Deputy Editor to Style Bazaar which gives me the great pleasure of styling their first shoot which will take place next Sunday. I am excited about this shoot because it will be photographed by Anna Fayemi, Keti the make up artist and a wonderful hair artist. We worked together on a beauty shoot being as it was my first time working with an -all team women cast there was so much chemistry behind set it was insane. There was o much giggling, laughing, discussing ideas, and energy behind the scenes. Below are the photos of the beauty shoot that will also be featured in Style Bazaar, we shot with a beautiful model called Sophie who at times looked exactly like Kate Moss.