24 April 2009

Bits and Bobs @ the Conran shop

The last time I met up with Richard Wilding, he introduced me to Daisy De Villeneuvre at Gallery 11 as blogger of quirky spaces/things amongst fashion and London. Being introduced as a blogger of fashion I have heard before, but this was my first intro as a quirky soul. All along this blog was some sort of documentation of self-discovery and my journey in this city and I think that this post is proof that my passions for interesting things is surpassing my passion for fashion. Just an-aha moment I was having after I visited the Conran shop in Marylebone High Street to snap away at beautiful objects. 

Beautiful book of illustrations

Glorious packaging 
Why are leather- bound notebooks so romantic?
Traditional is classy 
The ultimate pop up book for children
I love Wallpaper City Guides

Am reading this at the moment! 

The Tiny King - Quirk Part 3

In my fantasy I would be able to walk into the Monocle magazine offices. I would walk straight into Tyler Brule's office and have tea with him and we can discuss the next issue of Monocle over laughs and biscuits. Sadly the closest thing I'm going to get to Tyler is reading the latest issue of his magazine or visiting his cool one-stop store for all his favorite things. Sandwiched between a cafe and a charity shop, the Monocle shop is as tiny as ever, fits three people inside at one time. It had the black bike with basket at the front of the store just like how it's advertised in the magazine. And true to its word I could by back-to-back issues of the last 23 issues (wrapped in b&w gift paper is an option). I was so excited to be in the store, I even asked the sales assistant where Tyler lived while I was snapping away. Stalky. 

Other Criteria - Quirk Part 2

Walking towards the Monocle store I didn't expect to walk into my concept dream store. The Monocle store would be able to compete with it if it wasn't so small. I almost walked right past the Other Criteria Shop because the London sun glazed the massive windows, but a Sarah Lucas arm sculpture caught my eye. 

The store was so dreamy. All things quirk were laid out neatly on bookshelves, beaded giraffes, gorgeous publications, leather bound collectibles, special edition prints, art and sculpture and a mini museum of books and paper under minimal glass display cases. I wasn't able to take any of my own photos which I prefer to always do so I had to nick these from their blog. 

Sarah Lucas with one of her sculptures

23 April 2009

Quirky Daisy

There is no better way to start off my day then to have coffee with Richard Wilding and discuss Sketchbook magazine my new business venture. He is inspiring every time we meet, wether its in his beautiful studio in Kings Cross or at a starbux in Victoria Station. We toss back and forth between ideas/constructive criticism/people we meet/galleries+shows we have seen or will see/travels/and all things quirk. He is fast becoming the mentor I need for this project (I also have a theory that he can be a great tutor in design-look out Chelsea!) and meeting up with him is fast becoming a cherished time in my diary. Am super excited to meet him before my Lebanon trip because we're going to be discussing .. paper! Colors, textures, sizes, and quality, can't wait.

After our meet he took me to personally meet the fashion illustrator and artist Daisy de Villeneuve who is one of Richard's clients at her exhibition space (Gallery 11) where I oo-ed and aa-ed at her effortless style in illustration using india ink and silkscreen print. As a lover of all things quirk I simply had to share her drawings with you. Richard and I loved how some of the drawings were hung using red, yellow and green clips.

19 April 2009

FA loves hand-written book recommendations

Another Sunny Sunday

Sunday is upon us again and I found myself trekking to what my friend described today as my happy place. To start off the morning I paid Whitechapel Gallery a visit since it recently woke up from a two year refurshibment. Not to sound too disappointed and all but I could barely notice anything different in the gallery spaces other than the entrance, the bookshop (which is so teeny), and another restaurant on the ground floor. Walking down Brick Lane I did the usual round of Sunday Up Market, pizza at the Story Deli, bargain hunting at street stalls and ending the day by walking down to Boundary where I went up the very graphic elevator to check out the brand new roof garden + restaurant which just opened yesterday. After having tea at the organic cafe of Boundary I walked home in a high tired haze. A day well spent. 

Whitechapel Gallery Gallery 2 

Journals at Sunday Up Market 
Pretty earrings at Kirsty Kirk Patrick 

Note to self: Musy come back for ruffled Rodarte inspired sweater 
London loves the sun ! 

More Goldie at the Maverick showroom 
Boundary Roof Garden 

Unisex toilet - very Conran
Loving my Kirsty Kirk's !