23 December 2011

That is a wrap

I haven't blogged in 7 months. I am appalled, shocked at my lack of discipline but I must say that the last 7 months have been insane. With trying to double up my clients and landing the Organic Food and Cafe account my life has just been dedicated to my agency. I have had to take 100 steps back and away from sketchbook magazine, the love of my life project to focus on financing my business and making sure my clients were satisfied and happy with the quality of work that we provided for them. On the other hand I also recently lectured at the University of Bahrain, which was such an awesome experience. If you have been to any of my lectures or workshops I say over and over that the best part of my job is talking about my journey as an entrepreneur and sharing my insight about jump starting my business. I get a real buzz from inspiring a young crowd and wish I could do it more often, or full time. To be a paid public speaker would be a dream job, even better than the one I have given myself now.

Which brings me to the end of 2011, usually a busy time for me when the rest of the world is in Holiday mode. I get given a small chance to reflect on the year, as chaotic as it was, and visualize the upcoming year . This year like everyone that I can remember has been a rollercoaster. One I wouldn't be able to get through without the support of some key members in my life. My mother, my best friend Elham, my new bestie and family member Husain Qaseer, and also my work colleagues and mentor Zeid.

Looking ahead I am looking forward to a few key projects, expanding my business further and taking it to the next level and hopefully opening another branch of Obai and Hill. Launching my book or at least finishing the first draft of my book that I will be co -writing with a good friend of mine. and also relaunching Sketchbook Live. It pains me to have had to take a year off the magazine to establish my other business, now it is time for me to go back and finish what I started. I also hope to travel to India, Brazil, China, South America. Fingers crossed.

Need focus, energy, positivity and motivation.

Excited for 2012, a new book, a new relaunch, a new business expansion, travels, and eternal happiness.

03 May 2011

Which girl am I?

One of my fave movies was on yesterday, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, title on it's own is delecious. A story about two girlfriends on a summer holiday in Spain become enamored with the same painter, unaware that his ex-wife, with whom he has a tempestuous relationship, is about to re-enter the picture.

A stunning movie set in Barcelona, about relatable characters that fall in and out of love. This movie really makes me question my approach to love. Am I Vicky with her cautious, safe, committed approach, or am I Cristina, more spontaneous, lacking boundary, craving suffering love? Or am I bit of both? It seems at this point in my life, love is an everyday topic. Everyone sees it differently, all of us can't live without it, and most are constantly at battle with it. We are either shaping it or molding it so it suits our needs or escaping it when it becomes too hard or complicated to handle. Whatever it is, every day some are on a constant quest to find and maintain it and others are too wounded to try.

So I guess love to me, is everything. Really. It is my reason to go to work, and my reason to do well, it is my reason to do good and it is my reason to be happy. To live without it is a habit all must learn to master and to have everyday it is a gift. All I know is from my experience once you have been in love.. and I am talking the good kind of love, you can never never ever go back to living without it.

Woody Allen brings out the love in me. Really.

16 April 2011

Simple Times

There was a point in my life when things were somewhat simpler. In more ways than the other, I remember when I first started this blog and my biggest issue was which sector of the fashion industry I wanted to work with. Now I am overwhelmed with work, feels like I have taken on more work that I can handle. And the smallest task puts me a strain on me. Recently the biggest project of my career's deadline has changed, has to be ready in 2 months and along with it came a string of press events, a press launch, and an indepth interview with mbc 1. Yeah you heard me... MBC1! It was a dream come true, very exciting! Despite for the fact that Ghaswan the TV producer gave me an earful on why I should develop my Arabic and learn to speak it fluently.

Anyways blah blah, I can't sit still even though it's a weekend... I have work to do, gotta run to the museum, have a 'meeting' I cannot get out of, and see a friend before she bounces off to dubai!I just wanted to be a lame cliche and reminisce over Sex and City times, back in uni, when all I hated was uni, and all I really wanted was to make it big in the real world. I don't want to go back for long, just to Baker street, having a turkey bagel, (back space)...