25 August 2010


I have been super lazy with my blogging, I apologize. It seems my life is about to embark on a yet another new chapter. I am currently working on two sites , ideas that I have wanted to launch for more than a year now. Wacudo.com is a personal project that I have schemed for a few years now. Created for my obsessive nature to travel and dream of exploring every square inch of the globe it is a personal online travel journal with content from locals on where visitors should eat/sleep/go/visit/buy etc

I have been laying the pages out with a duo team, Selina Lalli my art director and Rakhi our illustrator. The website already has a nice feel to it, unintimidating, clean, inviting, just how I like my sites. The first countries/cities we will be plugging in are LONDON, NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES, TAMPA, BAHRAIN, KUWAIT, OMAN, ABU DHABI, DUBAI, BEIRUT and my personal fave TOKYO. This does mean that I will be saving up to buy airplane tickets, if there is anything I would love to do for a living it's travel.

The other site I am launching is Sketchbook Live, an online magazine version of Sketchbook Magazine. As my readers/loyal fans know Sketchbook is available to buy as a print publication/pdf we also have Sketchbook TV and a blog but we DO NOT have a horizontal online archive of all our blog features so we are moving camp.

It is a slower process than I thought with a team of 3 working on moving all 600 articles to the new site. Laura Sam- content editor, Lauren - content editor's assistant, and Amy Edgar - project manager have been moving every credit and thumbnail over cups of coffee and cake.

I do try to take the necessary steps to be innovative. I don't ever seem to be satisfied with production levels and want things faster, sharper, easier. I am glad that I am constantly evolving Sketchbook. It is a mission of mine to be updated , to make things fresh and new and to never be out of date so Sketchbook and all my projects really will be a work in progress.

Send over your feedback on Wacudo and Sketchbooklive folks!