13 April 2009

It's different on a Sunday

This blog is fast becoming an East London guide to vintage. I have to keep reminding myself that I shouldn't be using the title Brick Lane for all my posts. But as I was saying in my previous street diaries I have been frequenting the East End more and more just because I keep finding new treasured coves in the many alley's off the Lane that are more exciting and quirky then the stores before. I also enjoy eating my fresh bagel standing up next to the off white plastic menu's and then having tea at the Boundary and conversing with boutique store owners, avid collectors, and fashion pr juniors. On a Sunday Brick Lane becomes a hub for London creatives (and tourists) who come from all over London to visit the three major markets in the local area. You have the new extension of Spitalfield market, and the even newer extension near the food hall, the car park turned market (which is usually smelly because of the food court at the other end of the market) and the street market running all the way down the bottom half of the Lane. Brick Lane just has a whole new feel on a Sunday and these are just some of my Sunday snaps.

Collage on tea paper

Skinny jean tights, holes in black tights for the lazy
Fake and vintage watches galore
Hand painted warhol-inspired portraits on canvas
Vinatge leather bound notebooks from Nepal. My next DIY project involves buying one of these and turing them into a huge clutch.
Stall selling vintage/crap/random bits and bobs
Vintage letter stamps

Car Park Market, Food section

Garage turned junk sale yard
Ld G store - beautiful frames and portraits mixed with displayed clothes

London loves Kate Moss

If I could award a store with best store concept and display this would be it.
Everything from the glass case in piano and engraved pages in notebooks was meticulous and exquisite.
Leather suitcases strapped to wall with glass cases for accesories

Vintage glass bottles in leather suitcase

Pages of book have been cut out to display necklace.

Coffee Mini Bus