10 May 2008

Street Style Hunt: Savile Row,Carnaby Street

We had tickets to Lion King at 7.30 in the Strand, it was 6.15 and we had reservations for the opening of new restaurant Cha Cha Moon in Carnaby street. Perfect planning yes? Yeah not so much. It seems Cha Cha Moon decided to ditch their invited guests at the entrance by keeping their doors locked. We settled for pasta Ponti's instead. Yum. At least I hit street style jackpot at Carnaby street, and was super excited to meet Poppy from That is Just My Vibe. I snapped her style, gave her blog a long read, and now she's on my fave blog list!

Viktor& Rolf Are Coming To Town

Being as in I was in the Barbican area I popped into the Barbican Center for a coffee at the Waterside Cafe. And to my mighty surprise I find out that the House of Viktor and Rolf, the radical Dutch fashion designers will be showcasing their work for the first time in the UK at the Barbican. The exhibit will open at June 18 and the duo will be presenting their signature pieces from 1992 to now. The work will be curated in, and I quote, “characteristically theatrical installation” (very V&R!!)

I personally can’t wait to see the Russian Doll piece where a single model was painstakingly dressed by the designers until she was gasping for breath under 70 kilograms of haute couture.

But what looks like the most exciting part of the showcase will be the designers transforming the Barbican shop into The House of Viktor & Rolf shop. A range of designed accessories, clothes, and special edition perfume will be sold at the shop along with a range of objects, books, accessories, and curiosities that have inspired them to design.

On a more random note, check out this new art at the Curve space by Hans Schabus. For his first UK solo show he presented an installation of 461 chairs dramatically arranged on a 90 degree angle along the crescent – shaped walls. The chairs sourced from the Barbican provide archeology of its design and history and show the diversity of the activities that took place there. It was hilarious trying to sit on a chair!

A Garland for Linda

One of my bestest friends who is studying at Reading University had just finished her final exam, she decided to celebrate by coming down to London to visit me. Knowing that she was the ultimate Beatles fan I decided to take her along to the Linda McCartney Photographs exhibit at the James Hyman Gallery on 5 Savile Row. Some of you may recognize the location due to the close proximity of it to Abercrombie and Fitch store, one of my favorite stores in London because of its ultra cool and energetic interior.

So back to McCartney Photos, the gallery was curiously placed underground, with stairs leading to two very simply sized rooms where the platinum prints hung. There are about 25 prints or so on the wall featuring portraits of Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel, Gilbert & George, Richard Hamilton, Muhammed Ali, and Mick Jagger.

The highlight photographs to me was a photograph of Linda McCartney in the Francis Bacon Studio and all of the Paul McCartney portraits in Jamaica and other exotic locations. But the one photograph that really hit home had to be the one of John Lennon and Paul McCartney at the recording studio, working together. It was evident that there was such great chemistry between them while they were writing lyrics.

Overall you get a real sense of Linda McCartney's personality and elegance by looking at her prints. her work is poetic and intimate. she portrayed honest glimpses of the stars with great sensitivity.

And if that doesn't do it for you , just walk up the road to the Abercrombie and Fitch store to take a pic with the eye-candy at the entrance.

09 May 2008

Skin+Bones: Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture

Back in 2006 I had to write a short essay for my course work. Being in interior design it was really up to me to choose from a range of subjects like architecture, interior design, decor, product, or fashion, as long as it was related to space. So (big shocker!) I chose to write about fashion and architecture. I don't remember much about what I wrote but I do remember falling head over heels with this visually stimulating book called Skin+Bones:Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture. It was an exhibition turned book with works of art from both fashion designers and architects and interior spaces related to fashion that explored the relationship of architects and fashion designers and their work.

Last time I checked it out, this exhibition was in LA at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), but I see it has made its way here now, and is showing at the glorious Somerset House till August the 10th 2008, which is one of my all time fave buildings in London as I have some of my work displayed there with the esteemed Sorrell Foundation Program.

The book is also available online through Mymagma.com for a mere 35 pounds!

Street Style Hunt: Oxford Circus/Regent Street

I was on my way to catch the bubble lecture at the apple store in regent street when I saw these fashion street stylers on my way!

08 May 2008


I’ve been living in fancy London for four years now and counting, yet I am constantly reminded of how much more there is to see in the city, and the need for more city random walks and explorations. Seriously from now on I am closing my eyes and am going to randomly pick a spot on the tube map and go for an adventure. Packed with my little blog kit, I’m sure I’ll discover little treasure coves that I could then share with you.

Just the other day I was walking amidst a tiny street market in Covent Garden, where plastic sunglasses and fruit were being sold, and I came across a table with a-many treasured graphic and fashion novels. While rummaging through the heap I caught sight of the store Mymagma right in front of the table. It was disguised in slightly tacky red and black fire décor which served as camouflage to what was actually inside.

Walking in I was flabbergasted to see glossy design books and collectible magazines on shelves from the ground up all the way to the high ceiling. Seriously, I needed Lula magazine and it was literally on the ceiling. The kind folks behind the counter agreed for me to take some photos, kindly climbed the longest ladder to get me my Lula, and shared the fact that they have a luxurious online bookstore.

The design gear you find at Mymagma is the type you don’t find anywhere else, as there were in a many different languages and strange packaging ranging from product and packaging design to street style in Tokyo. I have taken a looksie at the website and found some amazing stuff, here are some of my faves.

ROKIT it in the garden

Now London is nice and sunny (God how I wish it was like this all year long!) the city is friendlier and much happier. The food tastes better and you can now walk around the city for endless hours with no real end in mind, but rather just enjoying the weather and the buzz of the crowds. This is my favorite part of the year, there is a whole cool summer breeze going on where you’re finally allowed to wear those shredded jean shorts and gladiator sandals during the day, and just accessories with a cardigan or light cape for the evening.

So on a lovely sunny day I was out and about hunting for some summer must haves. On my list:

  1. Jeans vest with curved flaps at the front
  2. A lot of PINK PINK PINK ruffled blouses, thin belts, don’t ask me why but I’m craving baby pink on everything
  3. A checkered vintage sweatshirt- am still looking for the perfect one !(not too baggy, not too tight)
  4. Vintage fur coat in a light sandy or tanned color ( I know.. I know.. who buys fur in summer, but again have been on the lookout for the perfect one aka fits well, and has a nice price tag)
  5. Sailor stripes on shirts, blouses, skirts, pants, and dresses! Have been a sailor rut this whole season.
I came across Rokit in the garden, and went in. I have always been a loyal customer to the one in the lane, but when I saw how neat and tidy and MASSIVE this one was (neat and tidy=no rummaging in the heat) I couldn’t help but buy up almost all my summer must haves. Here are some pics I took of things that are now sitting politely in my wardrobe and a lot of summer- must-have- soon- when- I- get –my- money- in- about- 2 weeks. Overall this Rokit experience was a quieter one than the one in Brick Lane with a lot more space to explore goodies, I highly recommend you vintage shoppers pop in!

fashion156.com presents..

(Deep sigh) What can I say about Style Bubble? Or Susie Bubble except (deep sigh). Back in 2006 I was flicking through an issue of Elle magazine, the travel sized one (it fits ever so neatly in all my handbags, even some of my clutches!) and I came across a list of bloggers to watch out for in the future. There were no images, no fancy font, just a couple of URL addresses. So I checked some of them out, and I found Style Bubble. I don’t know what attracted me to the site, except it was new, fun, and funny! I never book marked the page yet whenever I get Google staring at me in the face when I log into any computer I’m on, I find myself typing in the two words, Style Bubble. And then I am taken to the site. I have adapted to that method up until this day, it’s weird, but habits die hard I guess.

All I know is Susie Bubble was refreshing to me, compared to that entire monotone magazine ‘Buy Me!’ pure advertising reporting that I get in every magazine and website, Susie was about a girl I could relate to. A girl living in the city, with flaws and habits, and a messy closet, who loves to shop and play dress up in front of a long mirror.

Susie has come a long way with complimentary trips to New York for a Gucci event, and Paris as a guest of Chanel. And it’s been great just tagging along on her journey, watching her ups and downs, and sharing in on all the fun. Her passion for fashion has definitely inspired me to start my blog, and rock it like she has by being me and injecting as much of my personality into blogging and fashion as much as possible.

So I guess I keep going back to the Bubble because what I get is a personal commentary on fashion. Her articles are filled with depth and humor, a great combo. Her images from look books are astounding her method unpredictable and charismatic. I guess there is truly never a dull day with the Bubble! Here are the photos from her much awaited shoot with fashion156.com. Enjoy!