01 July 2009

Street Styling the FA way

In my year of path-finding I tested out the street style blogger route and found it wasn't for me. It was way to exhausting hunting for street stylers, talking to them, finding a nice place to shoot them, and then share contacts etc etc. It just seemed like a routinely, repetitive process and my heart wasn't in it. It also made me respect street style artists like the Facehunter, Glamcanyon, and the Sartorialist for turning it photo snapping on the street into a fine art. But yesterday at Wimbledon I couldn't help but snap up Wimbledon summery stylers walking around the grounds. I anonymously started taking photos of people while my feet were soaking in cold water at Murray Mount. These are some images of walking pass-byers. 

29 June 2009

Tim Burton take on Alice

I usually don't blog about things I haven't experienced myself, that's why all press releases + advertorial reviews get shoved straight to my junk box. But I can't help breaking FA rules and posting up pics from Tim Burtons new fascinating movie, Alice in Wonderland. These images released by Disney show Johnny Depp as the mad hatter, his wife Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen, Ann Hathaway as the white queen and Matt Lucas as Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Alice isn't being played a celebrity, which disappointed me because I thought Dakota Fanning would have been great for the part. 

Uni of Arts Comeback

I attempted to hit the grad shows at CSM and discovered on a super humid day that they were over. So with annoyance I went to Davies Street to catch the Tom Hunter exhibit showing at the gallery. The work was great, but I thought the reception decor was much better. Hundreds of colorful labels were collaged on the reception walls with thin pins. It offered a soft touch to an otherwise boring space. On the other side of the reception an archive of handwritten photo slides with codes and notes on them glowed in a light box. I'm not really sure what the purpose of it was, I just loved the personal scribbles on the mini slides of such beautiful buildings. 

The Flip Flop Wall

Even though the windows in Selfridges are covered with red Sale posters, they still kept one teeny tiny window for creative play. The very popular Havaiana flip flop company has asked celebrity designers like Manish Arora and Paul Smith to custom make a pair of Havaiana's and the results are very cool. My personal favorite has to be Basso and Brooke+Paul Smith!