03 June 2008


I've been meaning to review the movie Candy ages ago, but I've found it had a somewhat evolving effect on me. At first I was disturbed. I just sat there, me and my friend Marissa, gazing at space obviously deep in thought and disturbance after the movie had ended. Me and her are huge Heath Ledger fans, I even bought a copy of Wonderland magazine because on the cover, Joseph Gordon Levitt from 3rd Rock of the Sun resembled him.

Candy is a movie Heath starred in right before he did The Joker which I cannot wait to see. The film is about a charming and reckless poet wana-be (Heath Ledger) who fell in love with Candy (Abbie Cornish- she is now dating Ryan Philipes) an art student who is attracted to Dan's bohemian lifestyle. Their relationship is passionate, and dysfunctional as Abbie who was drug experiential starts shooting up hard core drugs. It is not your typical junkies film, because their performances are phenomenal, and emotionally exhausting. Their journey to form a normal life is sympathetic and gut wrenching. There is no hiding the effective performance of these two characters, the movie plot so strong it stays with you for days. There are particular beautiful moments in the hopeless-stricken movie, like the one of Candy creating an art piece out of their house in the country. Using lipstick she scribbles and draws all over the walls of her house in a cry for help, a beautiful metaphor for an act of desperation. The scenes are dreamlike and reminds me of The Virgin Suicides. Def worth seeing if only for the superb performances.