13 June 2009

Fabric Hunting

Luma and I finally put aside our work schedules to spend a hot crispy Saturday fabric hunting. On Berwick street we hit up six fabric stores, Liberty, John Lewis, and still had time for sushi and vintage store exploring before the sun went down. My favorite fabric store was the Cloth House, for its warm hospitality, its chic decor and wonderful fabrics (You can take a tour of their store on the Cloth House website). Me and lumbars found most of our fabrics from there, including some we didn't have on our long list. All the fabric stores had something new to offer; the Silk House had a great selection of Giambatista Valli inspired fabrics, Liberty won me over with thier vintage rolls of flower prints and large black/gold buttons, and John Lewis had a variety of fine jungle/animal prints plus a range of Cathy Kidston's famous fabric prints.

Pretty Trimmings
Lonely Buttons
Ribbon Mania

An Assortmet of Buckles and Buttons
I imagined stitching these buckles on a t-shirt dress

Buttons in Jars

Organic Fabrics

Warm Window Display, love the pegs+the sewing machine
Our choice of fabrics
The Silk House

This fabrics store was further down the road and not on our fabric store. Store had a masculine feel to it with thicker fabcris, and darker choice of colour.

The odd stop- Beyond Retro store in Soho

Browse shopping in Liberty
Dainty tights

At the famous fabric section in Liberty I loved..
Vintage Buttons
First Aid Stitching Kits
A wad of traditional fabric samples
Trimmings, Bits and Bobs, Ribbons
A million buttons

Thread colour swatch
A whole lotta yarn
Our final picks of the buttons
If only my house was Liberty

My With Love Ribbon - had to have it, no idea what I'm going to do with it
John Lewis
Recycled tags