12 February 2011

The Archived 5

I have accumulated a terrible habit of saving images of things I like or inspire me online. It's very much like my bad habit of highlighting passages of books I am reading. I think it kills the fun out of aimless online surfing and pleasure reading but I do it anyways. This week these images re-surfaced in a file I forgot I created. So instead of this awful habit going to waste I will start to share my 5 fave looks of the week, all from my archive of oh-about 13,276 images. Yup siree, I have enough material for a very long time!

LC and Grazia

Lauren Conrad is back. And not just hit reality tv show-back. But back as in, she is still trying again with another clothing line! I do admire her strong will to succeed and her hard working lifestyle. I make no secret about guilty pleasures and the Hills, fake as it is, is def one of them. What I liked most about watching the show is how much it reminded me of my early years in fashion working with Liza and Nicholas and then during fashion week with on/off, and especially my time with Boutique 1. I was such a new-be, eager to learn everything, and really putting myself out there to get the job done.

I am also getting ready tonight for a Grazia Bahrain shoot happening tomorrow at 8.30 am at Alareen Park. It will be a piece about 3 fashion bloggers in Bahrain and I have been fashion surfing to get some ideas on what I should wear and how I should wear it. I snapped a few lovely pieces from Mimosa gallery at Al Aali Mall and will be wearing them tomorrow. Apparently I will be posing with an eagle instead of a laptop. Hmm.. will probably be tweeting about it tomorrow! Until then new LC photo shoot pics.

PS Not many people know this but Grazia was the first magazine I was exposed too in London back in 2005 when I started working with Liza Bruce. It was the first weekly glossy magazine to hit the city, and I had to go buy it every week for the office. Ever since then I just got used to buying it every week for as long as I graduated. I always ended up getting rid of it all when I moved from one apartment to another but still Grazia will always be my first.

Funny Footie

I have always played football in school. And then a little bit after that in uni, but I guess you can say football is evident in my life, in my relationships, and in my family. It didn't help that I attended a million and one Arsenal football matches when I was still a student. So now that I am back in my island, I find myself wonderfully suprised to play 4 times a week. I am a proud member of the Arsenal Soccer School, where we train once a week and play a game once a week. I also co-organize an all girls football match every week 'soup a stars' right now we are up to 22 members, and now am planning my first mixed football game in honour of good friend Mohammed Barca Alawadi. I was searching for images online for the group event, and I came across such funny football images, thought they might be fun to share.

Some Good Ol Bahraini Press

I was recently asked to speak as part of a panel discussion for AISEC @ the Polytechnic University in Bahrain. I have been lucky enough to give a string of lectures in London, Kuwait, Bahrain, and have conduced seminars and workshops, but I have never been part of a panel discussion. It was really exciting seated next to inspiring people like Ali Hassan and Khalid Qaoud and discussing the global mindset of Bahraini youth. It was an intense one hour and half discussion and I would gladly take up the opportunity again to share my view on the matter.