02 October 2008

Dark Glamour

It seems everywhere I look in London dark glamor/gothy shiny black is taking over. From the clothes on people to window displays and magazine covers. London is getting darker and it defiantly is something other than the gloomy cold weather.

I seem to have topped my wardrobe this month with American apparel shiny black tights, a black leather jacket from Topshop, and vintage fur coat that I had to get dry cleaned for the exact same price as the jacket!

But walking down Carnaby street looking for what used to be the store filled with cardboard is now the place filled with black garbage bags and a soft shiny black material. The Diesel store in Carnaby street used to be raw and full of light is now dark and shady. Inside the stored where the card was stacked lay glittered black boards with black finger castings.

30 September 2008

Motorcycle Diaries- the must see

I am looking forward to the movie Linha de Passe which should be showing in London on Friday. I have zero idea about the plot in tow but I do know the director is Walter Salles who also directed The Motorcycle Diaries, a must see movie. The movie is based on the journal written by Ernesto Serna when he was 23 years old who was leader of the Cuban revolution. Alongside his best friend he decided to travel across Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela to gain medical residency for their studies on leprosy. Am also secretly and shallowy hoping a cute guy like Gael Bernal will be the main star.


I don't really understand why Factory Girl proved to be a sloshy hit in the box office and ranked up nasty reviews. I managed to stream it online for free ( thanks sidereel) I have to say I quite enjoyed it ! I really did feel that Sienna Miller did a great job bringing the beautiful muse Edie Sedgwick to life. Her voice and mannerism and even the cigarette holding is reminiscent of Edie. When Sienna spoke it was Edie, not that I knew her personally, but after researching Edie a while back I felt Sienna was definitely on target. What did disturb me was Andy Warhol's character. Now knowing much about him other than seeing some of his work at the Tate Modern, I was disgusted and scared at his lack of leadership, his shallowness, and awful nature.

Still the Silver Factory was the place to be filled with chaos, madness, art, and friends it sounds like a dangerously exotic and inspirational place to work minus the drugs and sex. But the movie to me focused on the magnified relationship between Edie and Andy. A story about an artist and his muse. And being a designer myself I do see the advantages+pluses of having a muse in whatever form to inspire a designer. It makes me understand why designers like Lagerfield would fill up his studios with muses. People he considers inspirational in order for him to create.

Expect a tragic ending, other than that the movie was a beautiful glimpse into the life of the Silver Factory.

Diesel fashion dose in Manchester

Though I went to Manchester to visit Old Trafford and watch the game vs Bolton I did happen to fashion dose in DIESEL in Manchester. Not one of my favorite labels Diesel to me boasts goodies I can find in Primark for more money, but I did walk in with a friend who opted to buy a gorgeous black leather belt. I rode in their elevator to find a wall covered in images from their new look book. The sales assistant happened to look very cool as well, wearing a huge smile despite his hung over from the night before. Not a bad fashion dose for a 24 hour trip me thinks.