24 February 2010

A day of an Editor at NY Fashion Week

11th Feb:
10 am - Run
11 am - dressed in ---- and out of the door
12 30 getting hair done at g salon with Maria
1 00 - first show of the day Duckie Brown. Sitting across from me are Diggy from Rev Run + Ugly Betty's nephew.
2 00 lunch with Jooj on her lunchbreak in cafe metro in times square and some mapping
3 00 le pain with features editor Luma Bashmi looking through invites, tabbing our new york guide for off shows, and emailing the girls back at sketchbook hq.
4 55 at press lounge - so crowded , food is being served , homous and cheeses , and pickles , everyone has to bring their own laptop ! London has a string of 30 macs outside the lounge. No where to sit. 5 30 answered 29 emails
6 00 queing for Farah Angsana, sore feet in heels
6 10 chatting to a reporter from seventeen magazine in row a-6, spotted Kate Lampier sitting front row with gorge white hair+Whitney Port's friend from The City
7 00 catch a cab to off schedule show on 313 bowery lane. Karoline Zmarlak is presenting in a cool grungy