08 June 2010

Habit of the night

nowplaying - Claire De Lune by Debussy
everyone is asleep
1:03 am
re-reading the email i got today
wish i could play the piano

movie of choice : the piano

07 June 2010

'You had me at hello'

Looking through my blog hits I am always surprised to see that people click on the movie posts the most. Some of my favorite movie posts are Candy, Motorcycle Diaries, The Edge of Love, and of course my personal favorite Painted Veil.

So this post is for the good times when my biggest concern was blogging everyday. For fun. I miss the 90s, when things were simpler. I know life only gets harder from here but I remind myself everyday that I will never lose faith in how good people can be. And I will never ever ever lose faith in love.

'we just have to be ridiculously positive in this life. its the only way'