26 September 2009

The Exhibition @ The Strand

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On Off Presents

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Bernard Chandran @ 180 The Strand

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Day 1 - Aminaka Wilmont @ 8.30 pm

There was a massive streak of digital print through out the catwalks this season in both London and New York, and Aminaka Wilmont was no exception. What made the prints stand out were their obvious references to artistic painted prints and rusty swirls resembling watercolour paintings that bled into each other.

Their use of digital prints, though not mature, integrated human flesh tones on draped body suits and tights in a beautiful manner. At the heart of the collection the colours explored into a darker territory using fierce black leathers and arm-length shredded fringe dresses. Key pieces of the collection included dark leather body-con pieces with sculptural headpieces towering over the models’ heads and around their faces.

24 September 2009

Day 1- Bora Aksu @ 6.00pm

Bora Aksu's S10 collection, inspired by Oscar Wile's ‘The Happy Prince’, alludes to the beauty that lies within us all. Shades of pink, salmon and yellow were juxtaposed with darker shades of black giving an edgier feel to the collection. By the middle of the collection, tufts of gold, lace and chiffon were made to peek under layers of black and pattern, adding extra depth and volume. Interesting additions to the pieces were the knitted lacy bibs overlaid on top of dark dresses.

Overall, the collection saw a set of strong women in long side-braids and messy hair trampezing down the catwalk in a mesh of chiffons and knits. The tights were the showstoppers of the series in rays of glitter and splashes of pink, white, and black. Bora Aksu truly embraced the dark romantic grunge look.

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