19 August 2008

Warming up back into blog-land!

I do feel a little guilty for taking such a long break from the blog but seeing I fit in graduating, 3 weeks of family quality time in London, and a trip to Turkey with friends, I find I am settling back into my London routine of playing tennis, meeting with friends over skinny vanilla iced lattes, and soon a full time job quite nicely. I am taking my sweet time applying for work seeing as I don't want to let go of my very chilled-out attitude right now but the CV is ready and waiting to be sent to the long list of companies I would love to work for. All in all , I have many new posts on their way and some interviews with some very cool people. Thanks to those who have left comments on old posts and kept checking on the blog through out the duration of my holiday!

The beauty that is Olu Deniz in Turkey!


LaCouturier said...

nice blog!

please check out mine, http://la-couturier.blogspot.com =)

belle.chantelle said...

Turkey looks beautiful! AI AI!
Bonne chance finding a job. I hope you love it!

With Feeling... said...

Looks lovely - i'm glad you back tho ;)