02 October 2008

Dark Glamour

It seems everywhere I look in London dark glamor/gothy shiny black is taking over. From the clothes on people to window displays and magazine covers. London is getting darker and it defiantly is something other than the gloomy cold weather.

I seem to have topped my wardrobe this month with American apparel shiny black tights, a black leather jacket from Topshop, and vintage fur coat that I had to get dry cleaned for the exact same price as the jacket!

But walking down Carnaby street looking for what used to be the store filled with cardboard is now the place filled with black garbage bags and a soft shiny black material. The Diesel store in Carnaby street used to be raw and full of light is now dark and shady. Inside the stored where the card was stacked lay glittered black boards with black finger castings.


La Fée said...

I too am becoming strangely attracted to black shiny patent...it always seems to perfetcly anchor any floaty, pastel items.
Your blog is truly lovely, would you like to exchange links? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I'm newbie to here, but have been reading ur blog for awhile, great blog btw
Looking forward to see some more posts