26 January 2009

Back into action. A new design for a new me

Now that I'm finally getting my life in order it seemed a perfect time to re-adjust my blog design. And though it may be not such a big deal for others it is a mega deal for me as I felt I needed a new clean white template to symbolize my a new clean slate of my life. After Christmas break I have to admit it was harder for me to adjust back into London life. This is super bewildering because for the first time in five years I was very homesick. But after a few adventures and lounge explorings I think I am back into my old self. I have many many updates for my loyal readers.

In the past week I have been:
1. Writing for Borderline magazine and in the process had to spend a night with Katja from Glam Canyon as she hosted her event at 145 Shoreditch High Street (pics and notes to follow)
2. Handed in my feature for the future issue of Boutique 1 Magazine ( have been working on it for over a month)
3. Found out that my favorite magazine Alef is going to cease to exist. RIP my beautiful magazine. I am trying to score an interview with the editorial team to scope out the situation and see maybe just maybe they might reprint for the future
4. Attended Susie Bubble's conversation at London College of Fashion. A talk on internet and fashion that was mega useful

I also am vowing to get back into the swing of things aka blogging more frequently. My life has been a turbulent express train since I have graduated and I think am finally settling into London life.

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