07 February 2009

Glam it UP - The feature

My relationship with one of my fave online mags Borderline has bloomed. Its not enough that I check out their site every SINGLE DAY but I have written a feature on one of the coolest photographers at the moment - Katja, the Glam Canyon superstar. The feature is now up and running on their homepage, to give it a read here and leave your feebdback on the site or on my blog. I hope I did meeting Katja and her lovely friends justice because the concept of Glam Canyon was a truly refreshing. Am looking forward to the next Glam Canyon event coming up super soon! Below are some more of Katja's photographs that didn't make it in the aricle. Enjoy! You can see more on Katja on her website, on her blog, on her portrait blog, and on VICE mag.

Photographs courtesy of Katja Hentschel


Trisch said...

Those photos are so rad. Congrats on writing the feature!

Wafa Obaidat said...

Thanks so much Trisch!! :))