11 February 2009

One big step for me, one Huge Heart from Whistles

Today I attempted to take my first hard steps from girl walking about London with curiosity in ballet flats to girl armed with laptop and camera interviewing my favorite designers in London in high high heels. As much as I wear them back home in Bahrain (very little walking permitted) I don't wear them at all here unless its for a shmancy event where I feel obliged to. But today after lunching with Steff (Kathy Phillips Assistant+super cool person) I tested out one of my heels around the city. And it wasn't so bad, I event got a proud nod from the sales assistants when I walked proudly into Browns. Okay maybe she was just trying to be friendly but still, I feel today was a major step for me! Anywho I am now off to LCF to catch the next chapter of their Fashion on the Internet series. But until then here's a glimpse of Whistles funksy display window off Oxford Street.


Fashbashsoundclash said...

Great post! I could relate to everything you said, i tried to handle galloping around london in heals in my first week here, but it failed miserable when my heal got caught in the curb and i walked a good 10 meters with out my shoe on through momentum before i could stop!

Kudos girl!

Great post, loving the originality of Whistles window also!

Fashbashsoundclash X

Wafa Obaidat said...

Thanks! its comments like yours that make me enjoy blogging about my experiences more! Yes I am getting used to wearing heels now esp since I'm wearing them for practically 3 days straight for LFW. wish me luccck!

morever said...

I love your photos the most.It certainly makes me dream!gorgeous shots-you should be proud of all of them!