22 March 2009

London Fashion Week Day 2

Day 2 of LFW seems a long time ago now, I remember quirky bits of it. Like the everything-is- opposite-theme at Romeo Pires (the unwalkable shoes that caused a model to gash a hole in the runway). I recall the vibrant colours at the Basso and Brooke show, and the emotional soundtrack they had on. And how could I forget Qasimi show, a glamorous show if I ever saw one, with goody bags for all the attendees and all the top models walking out to Fairooz. Seeing Diane Pernet for the first time up close was also a dream. I will be linking my write ups for Highlife Dubai on LFW pretty soon so you will be able to see reviews of the show.

Romeo Pires

Partners in crime: Zeljan and Kristen
I love Katja!

I freaked out when I saw Diane Pernet!

LFW Exhibition

The designer, John Rocha

Lily Cole

Part of the design duo- Khalid Qasimi
With Lily
Armand Basi

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