04 May 2009

Behind The Scenes of the BrownBook shoot Part 1

Seeing as Brownbook magazine offered me a 14 page spread to style I decided to split the shoot into two parts , one of them being in an industrial warehouse in Kentish Town that has stopped being constructed due to the recession. What is left of the warehouse is a skeleton of a building, half painted, half junkyard, filled with quirky small spaces, and huge storage spaces great for shooting our industrial story. We shot with Angie, the most model I have worked with who moved for the camera and I was comfortable with her seeing as Anna the photographer has worked with her before. Though Angie was not feeling very well she had no problem climbing on top of chairs, ladders, and pianos in beautiful Basso and Brooke heels which Charlotte and I later tried on around the studio during the last portion of the shoot. 

Anna on tip-toes trying to get to Angie's level
Where do your legs stop Angie?

The piano sitting in the warehouse . Forgotten, dusty, and beautiful. 

A little snooping around

Ramby tearing holes in red tights with a key 
Ramby my faithful assistant of the day

YSL inspired 

Angie looked scarily like Kimora Lee Simons in this shot
Masquerade ! 

Glitter lips 
I couldn't help myself
Charlotte trying on the Basso and Brooke heels