06 October 2009

Day 3 Mulberry Presenatation@Claridges

For the Mulberry Review go to http://sketchbookblog.tumblr.com


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Womens dresses said...

I love all the styles pictured here!!i would really like that purple bag with the animal prints on it!gorgeous!

St Petersburg accident lawyer said...

Love that little fashion show. I'm eyeing the yellow ankle boots with the fringes!

House plans said...

This looks like a fun fashion show! I love the wonderland/ Disneyland inspire runway. It’s very creative to have thought of this fashion show.

Boracay hotel said...

Wow! Stunning fashion show the dresses are very trendy and a little bit edgy. I love it.

The Fashion Buzz said...

Great Pictures! absolutely love the theme of the show, lots of colour and a nice feel to it! Beautiful patterns and lovely styled outfits!

Wholesale Clothes said...

great!! love all the style in this cute little fashion show.. the dress are very cute..

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