25 January 2010

Goodbye Dia Diwan, Hello Dia - Boutique

Dia Diwan is currently the only e-commerce sites providing women with a 'gateway to middle eastern chic'. Ran by founder and CEO Rasha Khouri, she wanted to create a fashion forward daily website based in the Middle East, providing somewhere for women to turn to in need of hip and trendy ideas. By creating Dia Diwan, Rasha has access to both international brands and Arab and Middle Eastern designers running alongside expert advice and opinion from the region in the shape of their online blogs and Fashionista.


Relaunching on February 4th (Definitely a date for your diary's!) Dia Diwan is soon to become Dia Boutique, an updated sleeker and much more sophisticated version of the brand, and is on a mission to become the no 1 luxury e-commerce site for the Middle East. Stocking clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery, children's wear and home wear. It's definitely worth a look as there is something for everybody.

I have taken over as the new editor for Dia - Boutique and will dropping a new issue of the magazine every week. Expect the magazine to put you right on top of the Middle Eastern curve, specialising in fashion, culture, art and trends. Providing a young take on the Middle Eastern scene. The first issue will contain reviews from not only London, but New York and Paris fashion weeks, updating you on both current and up and coming designers from all over the continent.

Working on both Dia and Sketchbook magazine is proving to be both very chaotic and extremely exciting. Although taking up the majority of my time, I am working on two projects I am passionate for. To contribute please email me on wafa.obaidat@diadiwan.com


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