16 April 2011

Simple Times

There was a point in my life when things were somewhat simpler. In more ways than the other, I remember when I first started this blog and my biggest issue was which sector of the fashion industry I wanted to work with. Now I am overwhelmed with work, feels like I have taken on more work that I can handle. And the smallest task puts me a strain on me. Recently the biggest project of my career's deadline has changed, has to be ready in 2 months and along with it came a string of press events, a press launch, and an indepth interview with mbc 1. Yeah you heard me... MBC1! It was a dream come true, very exciting! Despite for the fact that Ghaswan the TV producer gave me an earful on why I should develop my Arabic and learn to speak it fluently.

Anyways blah blah, I can't sit still even though it's a weekend... I have work to do, gotta run to the museum, have a 'meeting' I cannot get out of, and see a friend before she bounces off to dubai!I just wanted to be a lame cliche and reminisce over Sex and City times, back in uni, when all I hated was uni, and all I really wanted was to make it big in the real world. I don't want to go back for long, just to Baker street, having a turkey bagel, (back space)...


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