19 December 2008

Touch Screen Shoes

It seems every piece of technology is succumbing to the touch screen effect. The iphone, the new blackberry, the teeny tiny TV's on British Airway planes. Once you go touch- you can't go back I tell you. We are definitely a generation of the future. What I didn't expect to turn touch screen were sneaker shoes. Not just any sneakers of course but good old Nike ( I am pronouncing it Nike not Nikey) to touch screen you own design onto your sneakers.

Days before heading back home to Bahrain I went about trying to spend every last penny on a new wardrobe for when I come back home - silly habit I know. And after frequenting a sample sale at the Hospital Club and buying a ballerina inspired black dress at Rokit I walked across the Nike store in Covent Garden in a hurry to meet my friends at The Apollo Theater. ( We are rushing to see Josh Hartnet playing Tom Cruise for the theater adaptation of Rainman). And in my hurry , there was rain, shopping bags, and uncomfortable boots involved, I actually stopped to watch some people touch screening a colorful wheel outside the store window.