08 November 2008

The last in line to the East End Thrift Store

I must be the last blogger in London to delve into the East End Thrift Store in Assembly Passage in Whitechapel. After reading about it from Susie Bubble and That is Just Not My Vibe ages and ages ago I finally made the time, on a typical wet and grey Saturday afternoon, to treck back to the East End for a look-see myself. And I must say the hype must have gotten to me because I was expecting it to be bigger and more larger than life then what it really was. Still the customer service was marvelous, and the sweaters and coats was their biggest asset. They must stock up on more handbags and shoes! But all in all I walked out a mens suit jacket tailored to my figure for a tenner, and a black glitzy top for a tenner as well! Not bad I must say, but Spitalfields market still holds they key to my cash in terms of great gear for great price!

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