30 April 2008

Tea with Samantha Who

The perfect metaphor for stability in my life is my cup of tea and bagel every morning. I take my tea, PG tips –style with four brown sugars ( I couldn’t taste the sugar with just three) and my bagel slightly on the burnt side with cream cheese and a dose of crushed black pepper.

I guess stability to me is not waking up at noon like I usually do, and sleeping late depending on how many more episodes of Gossip Girl I can manage to watch before my eyelids fall heavy.

Is stability necessary, I don’t know? I definitely seem to lack it in my life. As a Muslim you should pray five times a day, is that a metaphor for the need of stability in ones life? Stability to me is the taking 22 minutes to choose my outfit (even if it’s for a trip to Tesco’s), and logging on to my 3 favorites fashion websites a day. Stability is watching my favorite TV shows as soon as they come out. Right now they are lost (I need to know what the hell that black smoke is),Samantha who ( love love love the clothes Jennifer Esposito and Christina Applegate wear, the fashion stylist on that show deserves a medal), the Hills ( excuse me for loving scripted American reality TV shows), 30 rock, and my latest favorite Gossip Girl ( I saw 15 episodes in 4 days). I guess stability no, obsession yes!

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