04 January 2009

Day 9 in Gaza - 465 dead in Palestine

I never intended for this blog to be only fashion related. It was always a sort of self discovery journey documentation sorta thing, where I tried to bulge in my interests of books, travels, and interviews all mashed up in my teeny personal space. Seeing I am in Bahrain at the moment I have done some shopping but more TV hawking.

My father always chooses to stay away from politics and engage in it in his own time in the privacy of his own home, but I tend to be a little more vocal about it engaging in political chit-chatter usually around a subject I am very passionate about, and its usually Palestine. Bahrain is in a mood of mourning. Not only is it freezing cold, windy and dusty but also New Year celebrations have been canceled in coalition of our civilian brothers and sisters who are being butchered everyday by the Israeli war machine.

Its now Day 9 of Gaza being under fire in fresh new wave of attacks. Many reporters are comparing this massacre with what Israel had done to Lebanon in 2006. Gaza is a small strip of Palestinian land ( that has over a million people shoved in only 17% of the land which makes it one of the most highly dense spaces on earth). Israel have placed a blockade around Gaza where no food, drink, medical supplies or aid can come through the small city for the past 20 months but on top of that they have no electricity and are being bombed and raided on through battleships from the sea, by ground forces who have entered Gaza last night, these include soldiers on foot and tanks, and through rockets in the air.

So far 11 mosques have been demolished, newspaper and TV offices have been bombed, an Islamic university has been shredded into pieces, a police and traffic controllers graduation ceremony has been bombed with all its young graduates in slumps on the floor, an orphanage containing 9 children have been bombed as well as a group of 5 sisters all huddled in one bedroom have perished, 2 sisters in a separate home, and a doctor. 365 people have been killed, more than 30% of the women and children.

There has been protests in Bahrain, Egypt, Madrid, Paris, London, Washington, Chile, Brazil, Greece, Cyprus, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Palestine, Australia, Turkey, Morocco, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Mauritania, UAE, and even Tel Aviv with thousands taking to the streets condemning this genocide. I can only do so much but protest in Manama and Muharraq, donate whatever money I can to Islamic organizations, and write and blog in frustration.

To those who have access to Arabic television channels, watch Al-Jazeera or Al-Jazeera International, and Al Manar.

Some interesting blogs about Palestine, A Mother From Gaza, and Annie's Letters.

I apologize for posting such graphic images but its those same images which have awoken the world in anger at the genocide in our beloved Palestine. These images are a reminder that we must do what we can, protest, write, and give aid to the Palestinian resistance.

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