18 January 2009

Bodyworlds for my Grey Soul

I left Bahrain for cold showery windy gloomy grey London. I am so cold and down-in-the dumps right now. You should see me. I am wearing a massive knit sweater, black pashmina wrapped around my neck, thick wooly socks, fake uggs, and am wrapped in my purple blanket having hot tea after tea. I am considering wearing gloves just to write this post. Coming from lazy Bah this is such a shock and after 5 years you'd think I'd be used to this by now, but so am not.

So anyways for those who have a weak heart look away as I reveal some pics I snapped at the Bodyworld Exhibit in London at the 02 center. I am lucky enough to have coolio friends who call me the second they have tickets to openings like these. This groundbreaking anatomical exhibitions is by trailblazing scientist, Dr. Gunther von Hagens, and it features a presentation of the human life cycle and ageing. The exhibit showed the complexity, resilience, and vulnerability of the human body through anatomical studies of the body in distress, disease, and optimal health.It was completely graphic and bewildering.

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