22 January 2009

Katja Power.

Taking me out of my London gloom purely went down to attending the Glam Canyon Event in 145 Shoreditch and meeting Katja the wonderful photographer who was hosting the event. Now to all credit to Borderline magazine, I writing a feature for the ubra-cool online magazine and was supposed to cover an event with Katja it just so happened she was hosting this one, so along cam Fashion Ambition. Now I don't want to delve into the copyright issue so I am linking her here so you may visit her site and view her photographs from that night on her own site. She lays them out in cubic squares that are so delightfully spread out on her page. Anyways Katja I loved, she was everything one dreams of a photographer. Funny, super friendly, smiley, and fabulous. This is sounding like one of my many (oohh I love Susie Bubble posts) but me no care as I walked out of the club scene in pure smittenens. If there is such a word. The event was a mixture of close friends and friends of friends with many people looking relaxed and dolled up. There were vamps, there was lace, there was leather and black lipstick. It was an eclectic mix of London's cool and slightly dangerous. Watch this space as I link to my feature with Borderline!

Next Glam Canyon event will be on the 24th of Feb and be sure to come.

Katja- the photographer

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