08 January 2009

I have been Tagged !

So i've been tagged! It was a while back and I want to thank Trisch Express for tagging me! It made me feel ever so special ! I was asked to write 7 personal things about myself and tag another 7 to do the same. So here it goes:

1. I miss my grandparents. They both died 11 months from each other 8 years ago when I was 14 years old. I still remember them clearly, my grandfather taught me how to read a clock and with my timetables. He hung paintings I made for him when I was very little in his store. I still remember the paper became yellow and my pencil colours faded but he still kept them hung. My grandmother used to love play dolls with me and I remember her soft skin and smell. I try never to bring them up anymore because it makes my mom cry.

2. I am inconsistent with everything except with my relationships. I go through phases where I read non-stop sometimes 3 books in a week and then none for a couple of months. Or all I crave is mexican food or strawberry juice and I binge on that for weeks at a time. It happens with blogging and answering my emails as well. I go through weeks of non blogging then one day I would write 10 or 15.

3. I dream of travelling the world in 6 months and following the trail of Che Geuvara when he was a still a student in Latin America. Some places on my worldly adventure include Greece, Tibet, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bali, Hawaii, Jamaica, Las Vegas and LA, Morroco, and Aussie.

4. My favorite food shall forver be Safi with white rice and daal, Bahrain's homemade speciality. It's the first meal I have as soon as my plane lands in Bahrain's humid weather.

5. I have lived in London for 5 years and its become so much apart of my identity and I have learned to embrace all that is British yet whenever I close my eyes, I see myself in NY. Head scratcher , me thinks so ..

6. I have a beautiful blag dog called Diesel in Bahrain, he is half retreiver, quarter German Sheperd and quarter Doberman. He is one year old, he pees everywhere and loves to be cuddled and hugged.

7. I have been lucky to meet and work with both Liza Bruce and Marko Matysik in London. Though they work in different fields in fashion, they are muses to me, and are artists, fashion designers, and visionaries. They have altered my vision of who I want to be and have expanded my way of thinking!


Anonymous said...

Liza Bruce is not a visionary and she is completely irrelevant to the world of fashion today. Not only that but she doesn't declare her employees and pays badly without a word of support for the hard work put in by some of her staff. Too much sniffing goes on behind the scenes.

Wafa Obaidat said...

I highly disagree! I loved working with her and I shared her passion for fashion and working/collaborating with people. She is relevant, I think you should catch up on your research, she is legendary for using lycra and thick well cut fabrics to design her swimwear. They teach people students in LCF about her and she acclaimed for her use of lycra when creating her popular version of the catsuit or body suit. She paid me extremely well and I got fantastic bonuses when I over-achieved! She was a mentor and introduced me into the world of fashion. Working with her for 2 years opened doors for me in the fashion industry with Vogue UK, The Doll On/Off, and with the editor of BIG/SHOW magazine. I respect your opinion, its such a shame you couldn't have had the experience I did with her. I really do owe her a lot as she gave me my first break and taught me all I needed to know about PR, window display, dealing with customers, and designing. I owe her the success of my career and now I am a successful fashion journalist contributing to Boutique 1 magazine, Prim, Borderline, and T5M.