17 February 2009

Tickets and Excitement

There are no words to describe the levels of excitement I am in about attending London Fashion Week. I am mostly looking forward to John Rocha, Qasimi, Basso and Brooke, and Ashish. I still have to print some invitations that were sent online but starting Friday to Sunday I am going to be in chaotic mode running from venue to venue. I will be feeding my blog with info hopefully every night if I can. I am still upset I am travelling to Qatar on Monday morning and will be missing some shows but I needn't be so greedy. There is always Septembaaa!


Ramby said...

Great that u got so many invitations. I only got one standing which is not very certain at the moment haha.

Wafa Obaidat said...

Rambyy!!! which show? to wear? I got so many compliments on your jacket ! my star !

Ramby said...

i'm going to Victim on Sunday and there's another one next week which i forgot the name haha. Just the jacket? :( LOL