11 March 2009

FA Loves Ramby

In the last month I have been to Qatar, Maldives, and Bahrain. I have styled my first ever shoot which went so well I am collaborating with the same photographers again, I have attended 3 days of Fashion week before I had to leave for my trip. I am about to go through thousands of photos to give you reviews and images from my own camera on what I have seen, who I have met, and where I have been. Until I get a grasp of all the LFW stuff here is an interview with Ramby, a fantastic designer whose collection I had to include in styling my first shoot. I wore her black umbrella jacket to LFW (more images of that later) and got loads of people coming to touch and ask me where its from.

Fashion Ambition:What was your childhood like? What did you like to do? What kind of kid were you?

Ramby: I came from a traditional Chinese family, so most of the time I was forced to stay home and study. Thus, I love to read comic books where I usually hide them under my desk while ‘studying’. Oh and I secretly bought a pair of baby turtles and hid them in my room as well. You know what, they can climb up the curtain! By the way, my parents still don’t know I once had turtles…

I’m a somewhat pessimistic and shy kid who is full of imagination but had nowhere to express it. I still remember I was always scolded, accused, and teased at ‘art’ class in primary school because I always drew or made something wicked and different…

FA: Where did you study?

Ramby: I went to Australia for a BA Aviation Management degree because it sounded cool at the time and I was lost and confused. It was a shame. I felt sorry for my parents.

I discovered my love for fashion while I was there which was all thanks to music and ummm love, which now turns to hate haha. Anyways… after I graduated, I went to the UK for a fashion degree. I first studied at the Kent Institute of Art and Design. But realizing it’s far from London, I decided to transfer here where I went to Middlesex University.

FA:What was your experience studying in Middlesex like?

Ramby: I must say Middlesex has got unbeatable facilities where I can try out a lot of different things. Most importantly they had technicians in different faculties that were very helpful. Oh and I would really like to thank one particular tutor, Flora McLean who has been really supportive and helpful to me even after I graduated. And I love her hats!!!

An illustration made by Ramby for Fashion Ambition

FA: Did you have a defining moment whilst at school about which direction you wanted to take after you have graduated?

Ramby: Yes, I did. One day when I was working in the studio, someone unknown came up to me and screamed in a high pitch voice while I was working on a garment and said ‘oh my god! It looks amazing, can I try it on?’ When I gazed at her face while she was trying on my dress, I saw the joy and excitement of what I made do to her . It made me feel great; like I now have this mission to make something wearable but fresh and beautiful at the same time. I used to make fashion look more like an art piece than a wearable one. But I never feel satisfied with that. After all, I realized I just want my girls to look good, happy and confident. Design should be ‘user friendly’ don’t you think so?

FA: In general how was your journey to fashion like?

Ramby: There’s up and downs for sure. There are times when I was so depressed I nearly gave up. And there are times when I was so delighted or proud of myself that I couldn’t sleep. It’s like waiting for the result of an experiment in a science lab. (sorry being nerdy here, I was once a science student after all haha)

FA:What are some issues your passionate about?

Ramby: Being ethical!!! Organic, fair trade and recycling is what I’m trying to do. Fashion is something young people admire and pay attention too. I just want them to know there’s more inside to fashion than showing off their fake LV or Burberry handbags and having sex at age 13. If one wants recognition and admiration, it starts from one’s heart. And it eventually shows on one’s appearance.

FA:Where do you see yourself in 5 years time and what are some of your intersting plans?

Ramby: I’m opening a select shop which features organic/ recycled labels. My own brand Ramby Wayward would be coming soon at the same time! Oh and I want to revisit some of the projects that I screwed up at uni. There are quite a lot of ideas that can be further developed and I want to prove to my tutors that I’m good. I still remember I told Gillian Charles (Middlesex’s Director of Programmes: Fashion Textiles and Jewelery) that I’m gonna make her proud. May be she already forgot what I said, but its still stuck in my heart bitterly.

FA:How would you describe your personal style?

Ramby:Futuristic, wicked, wayward, confuse.

FA:What are you London bargain tips?

Ramby: I am embarrassed to say, but I love to go to outlet stores. I find it challenging to find quality stuff in a bunch of crap. Bicester village is where I used to go. http://www.bicestervillage.com/ Don’t curse me if you cant find anything there though. It IS full of crap…

FA: 5 items on your shopping list at the moment...

- Trio’s sunglasses

-Any Flora McLean’s hat

-Atsuko Kudo’s latex Cheong Sam dress

-Canon EF 24mm f/1.4 L II USM lens

-17 inch Mac Book Pro

FA:I can't live without...

Ramby:Black tight fit jeans, computer and phone.

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