18 March 2009

Hussein Chalayan :From Fashion and Back

I have been aching to visit the Hussein Chalayan exhibition at the Design Museum for as long as it was on but I got way to caught up with the LFW build up, then all the reporting that came after that it didn't happen till a couple of days ago. The retrospective of Chalayan's work spanned the last fifteen years starting with a piece from his graduate collection to recent work from his East London studio. I appreciate Chalayan's work probably more than any designer because he has the courage to test out concepts in culture, identity, and displacement in his collections.

The highlight of the exhibit was his AW '00 collection that camoflouged clothes as furniture. I have to admit that I snuck in behind the DO NOT TOUCH rope to feel out my favorite piece, the table skirt he has become famous for. A lot of the exhibition was largely film clips from his catwalk collections which I have posted in my youtube account.

Tangent of Flow (S/S 94)- Graduate collection

Zeljan and Julia, fashion mates

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