21 March 2009

Meeting Zeljan

Zeljan is my LFW present. Meeting him and Kristen Knox were the highlights of the fashion week along with the Ashish show and PPQ. Comparing meeting two people to two fantastic shows is a statement to how much I clicked and adored Zeljan from Croatia and Kristen from the States. I wrote a review about the first funny moments of our friendship for Borderline mag which included stomping out of a hideous show which shall not be named here, hailing a cab, introducing each other (and our outfits) on the way to Ashish. This is a mini-interview with the hilarious and cocky Zeljan Jean Koler, the fashion correspondent, the new friend, and the ever so fashionable person.

Occupation: Correspondent in Fashion

Hometown: Living in London, born in Croatia

FA: What was your childhood like? What did you like to do? What kind of kid were you?
Zeljan: I used to watch children's Sci Fi movies and then go to my bed, where I would cover myself with duvet and count until 10 hoping when I open my eyes I would be in the movie. These days I do the same, only while watching the CHANEL couture show on Youtube.
FA:What was your experience studying like?
Zeljan: I wanted to finish ASAP, so I can say I am an adult now.
I am an adult now! :-)

FA:Tell me about your time growing up in Paris? Has your time over there influenced your career path in anyway?

Zeljan:I did not live in Paris. The city is too French for me to live there.

FA:Did you have a defining moment whilst at school about which direction you wanted to take after you have graduated?

Zeljan:No, school did not influence me in anyway; they did not have a chance. I knew a long time before that what I wanted to do.

FA:In general how was your journey to fashion like?

Zeljan:It’s like a Transantlantic ship service. In one moment you can be on the top with couture crowd and in the next moment you can be ten floors down with people who are not in the couture crowd.
Fashion is like a sea-sick business. It gives you headache but after the trip we all get to final destination.
FA:Tell FA readers about some exciting experiences you've had interning or working for fashion mags/newspapers?
Zeljan: First rule of fashion, keep your mouth shut!

FA:What does a typical working day in the life of Zeljan consist of?
Zeljan:It consists of my laptop, mobile, diary and taxi's.

FA:Who are some of your fave designers and why?
Zeljan: Karl Lagarfeld for CHANEL. Why? Because every women deserves right to orgasm when she is ready.

FA: What are some issues you’re passionate about?

Zeljan:I tend not to have issues. But I do get passionate...
FA: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time and what are some of your interesting plans?
Zeljan: On the cover of Vanity Fair.

FA:How would you describe your personal style?

Zeljan:If Alexander McQueen was the rain and Ralph Lauren was the sun I would come later as a rainbow.

FA:What are you London bargain tips?
Zeljan:I don’t do bargain. I live 20min from Harvey Nichols.

FA:5 items on your shopping list at the moment...

Zeljan:Hotel Costes Paris, The Soundtrack.
That’s all, I got the rest.

FA:I can't live without...

Zeljan: Tom Ford "Black Orchid".

FA:Do you have any advice for anyone trying to get into the world of fashion or fashion journalism?

Zeljan:Fashion is a Bitch, you will suffer.

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