08 April 2009

A day in the palace

Now that London is back to its bad habit of annoying rain one can only reminisce about sunny days spent with Stone Henge friends at Hampton Court Palace. Posting my food pics just now reminded my of my tea with Tommy today. Notes from Fashion Ambition on Tommy: She lived up to my hype of blog star plus graceful and sweet person. She was very patient with me as I chattered away for a good hour about the three hundred and one project that are chugging in my life at the moment with a smile on her face. And what initially started as a proposal to lure her into one of my projects became a relaxed interview on what she does and why she does it. I have to confess I went all blog-star stalker with Tommy at one point but found the way back to my normal nature after I finished half of my extra large mug of mocha from Le Pain Quotidien.
Anyhoo food and travel is much apart of her blog as is mine, below in my photo diary of the palace.

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