08 April 2009

A Hop and a skip to my Portbello

In the launch issue of Love magazine, Pixie Geldof vocally proclaimed that she hated it when people labeled things as theirs when they weren't, like my Cheerios. Which in sentence would sound like "I have to have my Cheerios". Nodding my head in agreement on the tube when reading that sounds a little silly now that I'm comfortably labeling Portobello market as mine.

But doesn't living a skip away from one of the most famous markets in the world allow me to throw in a 'my' every now and then? Selfish ownership thoughts aside last Saturday in Portobello was a funny one, seeing as a I met 3 diff people at the market for breakfast, coffee, and lunch. I'm amazed I still had room to have dinner after watching Hairspray at the theater but I did and it was great. Having visited the market a handful of times in the last 5 years I am uberly excited to be based here and am privileged to be able to explore this market thoroughly. Below is my first photo diary as a Notting Hill resident.

Note to reader: Yes I am aware that I have been photographing more food than fashion lately. I blame it on being soo excited to meet Tommy from Notes From Naive this weekend. I know I can never capture food like she does, but one can wish, no?

Vintage tin cookie boxes
Vintage stamps

What a sunny day does to Londoners
Sizzling seafood


TINE said...

MMMM. I just heard my stomach rumble.

the fashion assistant said...

Have you tried their seafood paella (can't spell)...they're delicious!!!

great photography btw!!!