14 June 2009

Prim Weekend Read

It's no secret, I am a Prim fan. I have interviewed Kristen the editor of Prim Magazine, (see mini interviews category on blog) many times over the run of my blog and its wonderful to see the magazine grow and get more focused and edgy issue after issue. I am super fond of the last issue not just because my Emilio De La Morena interview is now up and running (pages 11 to 13) but also because I think its the best issue yet. Give it a read over the weekend, its all available online at the Prim site.


la petite fashionista said...

I'm so impressed with Prim! I've been following it since its start & it's so professional looking & a great read as well! good job w/ the article :)

Wafa Hamizah Hashim said...

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Wafa Obaidat said...

La Petitie Fashionista: yeah prim is amazing, such an inspiration. Thanks so much !

wafa: Yes we do have the same name. Its nice to meet you too!!! I will visit your blog. Lets exchange links on blogroll .

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