20 June 2009

Glam Candy Shoot

Here are some of the results from the Glam Candy shoot that I styled for. I worked with such a fantastic model, Lucy who really reminded me of Sophie who I've worked with before. And to my surprise Lucy informed me they are good friends and live together.. small world I say. Anyhoo Lucy was gorge and she really worked the half shaved Dellal haircut that is in the heart of London hair trend. She proved she can do punk rock and also look come across as soft in the shoot. We also put together Behind the Scene footage for the Glossy showing the day's documentation of the shoot.


Cathy said...

Love your blog!
Please check out my new one:

la petite fashionista said...

I LOVE this editorial, all the styling is so my style! The Alice Dellal hair is so hard to pull off, but she looks great :)

I'm going to be in London for almost all of July. Do you have any tips for must-see/eat/do things??

especially fashion related!


Wafa Obaidat said...

Cathy: Thanks :) I will check out yours. Lets exchange links.

La petite Fashionista: Thank you so much ! She does look great. yes I do, I'll send you an email of what to do/where to go !

Anonymous said...

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